The Rich Cabernet Sauvignon illustrates how California sunshine masterfully ripens fruit while maintaining its energy and freshness. Notes of raspberry, vanilla, and violet prevail on the nose, while the palate is dominated by ripe black cherry, chocolate mousse, cedar, and toasted oak. The layered tannins give way to a lovely, lingering finish. 

The Daytripper cabernet sauvignon was crafted to be the red wine you can bring anywhere, for any occasion -- to a friend's house for dinner, to a Sunday afternoon picnic, or just to the back porch for an evening of relaxation, simply pour and unwind. 



A Daytripper is always more fun with a companion. If you're wondering what foods you can pair with this hearty cabernet sauvignon, think hard cheeses, juicy burgers, and well-marbled steaks. You really can't go wrong with anything coming right off the grill.


Swedish Meatballs